7 Amazing Things You Should Know Before You Play Your Next Online Poker Game

7 Amazing Things You Should Know Before You Play Online Poker

7  Things You Should Know Before You Play  Online Poker

7 Things You Should Know Before You Play Online Poker

Online poker betting – it may mean nothing to you ten months ago. But now that you have discovered the world of online poker, you would surely want to explore chock-full of amazing things about online poker. While you are fascinated about online poker today, here are 7 amazing things you should know about online poker betting. 7  Things You Should Know Before You Play  Online Poker:

  1. Just like Gumbo, Poker is American

Just like the famous cocktails and jazz music, poker got started in New Orleans. Actually, no one has an idea when the first exact hand has been exactly played.  However, historians are aware that the online poker that you play today developed in the Louisiana Territory in the early 1880s. So the next time you play online poker live, you’ll know its Louisianan.

  1. Only 20 cards were used in Poker

Before you play online poker, did you know that the most common type of early poker was played using only a 20-card deck with four players? The players had to deal with five cards and then make a bet on who holds the best card. In 1834, the first 52-card deck in a casino has been documented.  This is far different from online poker that you play in online poker today.

  1. The Longest poker game in history lasted 8 years, 5 months and 3 days

The Bird Cage Theatre at Tombstone Arizona claimed that it hosted the longest running poker game in the entire history. While it started in 1881, the Bird Cage tourney commands player of $1, 000 buy-in along with featured legendary Old West poker personalities. Do you know any online poker game that is longer than this?

  1. Where poker chips came from

Another amazing fact about poker is the origin of the poker chip. Not until 1880, chips are mere objects such as gold dust, coins or even just a gold nugget. With the desperate bid to opt for standard size, poker gaming houses created poker chips from wood, clay, and ivory with distinctive symbols. You won’t see these objects when you play online poker now.

  1. The Origin of Texas Hold’em

Do you love playing Texas Hold’em online poker in online poker sportsbook? Do you know anything about its birth? Although it has been initially hard to find the exact origin of Texas Hold’em Poker, the Texas State Legislature declared way back in 2007 that Robstown in South Texas is the birthplace of the popular online poker betting you are fascinated of today. When you play online poker Texas Hold’em, you owe it to Robstown.

  1. The World Series of Poker Game Debuts

It happened in Las Vegas way back in 1970. There are many high-profile poker players who battled with each other in order to find the first world poker champion. However, unlike with most online poker betting competition nowadays wherein the winner is decided through a freeze-out battle, the champion was determined through voting. Now you know how it differs in knowing the champion in online poker.

  1. Poker at present

According to reputed research conducted by Poker Players Alliance, there are about 70 million US players who play online poker or live poker. That is considered to be twenty percent of the population. And you’re included in the list of those who play online poker, right?

It is likely that it’s your fist time to hear about these 7 awesome things about poker. Before you head out to play online poker betting, be amazed about these facts and you can even use them as your inspiration in winning.

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