All About Basketball



                Basketball is a game which is played indoor in all over the world. And also everyone likes to watch this type of game in which both the teams are struggling to get the victory.  Not only they like to watch but also they like to play this game. It is also an art which they consider as Air ballet. This is the only game in which you will see players jumping high and also twirling to shoot the ball in the mid-air. Like other games, this game is also played between two teams each consist 12 players. There is also a coach in the game who not only gives the training to the players but also give them treatment if they got injured on the field.  In all the 12 players 5 players are allowed to be on the court at any time like 2 players will be in forward, 2 players will be on guard and 1 player will be in the center.  The teams with maximum numbers of runs at the end of the game will be known as a winner. So in order to win then, you should have to score as much as you can.

                Today the popularity of this game has increased totally and people from all over the world like to play games like this. Not only have this person from every age group liked to play this game as because this game can be played indoor also not in a home because it also requires a pitch. The pitch on which the game is played will be made up of cemented field. And the basket in which the ball is dripped will be made up of wood. And also the ball which is used in basketball is made up of leather and in order to score the player have to put the ball in the basket by passing the ball one by one.

                Two baskets are situated at the each end of the court and in that you have to put the ball so that you can score a run.  Like any other game, this game also has a governing person who is known as referee the work of referee is to constantly keep on governing. The referee also sees the fouls not only this but the referee also stops players from cheating because anything can happen in between the game. If any of the players used to hit the foul 5 times in a game then the player will be considered as disqualified.

                In order to give the players tip on how to move on the game then coach of the team will call for a time out and after that he will give them tactics and also coach will see their condition if anything is required like first aid or anything then the coach will treat them also. The goal of both the teams is to win the tournament both the teams will be thinking that they will win the game so there will be huge competition in the game.

                F.I.B.A is the highest governing body in the game of basketball. It has all the rights to change the game if they want and also they can do whatever they want but if they will do something wrong then it will not be followed.

                The N B A is one of the most popular and widely considered to be the highest level of the professional game in the world. And the players which are related to this type of tournament will be one of the highest paying players in the world.

                There are many types of tricks and techniques which can be used in this game are like this- dribbling, shooting, passing and also rebounding.

                All in all, it is one of the most famous games which are played all over the world. If you also want to play games like this then it is just amazing and you will be so happy when you will play the games.

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