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Best-poker-PlayersThe modern technology doesn’t only make life a lot easier, but also gives benefits even in online gambling casino. Are you familiar about the game called poker? It’s one of the trending game in live casino and even online. Players can have the chance to win big amount of money by playing poker at its best. To win in poker it’s not all about speed, the wit and decision-making. It’s also important to consider the skill, bankroll management, reputation and of course the money won. Thus, if you’re interested to play poker, then you should be familiar with the best poker players ever known.

  1. Chip Reese – considering the standards, Chip Reese is considered to be the greatest poker player of all time. He won millions from tournaments held anywhere throughout the world. Because of his poker skills, he was respected and loved by the community. Being an icon in the poker game, his legacy will surely be remembered by most poker players.
  2. Doyle Brunson – He has been playing this game for more than 50 years. He’s also considered as an icon and a true professional. As he dominates tournaments, it’s not shocking knowing that he won high-stakes cash in poker.
  3. Phil Ivey – He’s the man of the poker table and known to be one of the accomplished player in the poker history. For more than a decade of playing poker, he’s been earning millions by playing poker and if you know that he’s better than you, then better think many times before you dare him.
  4. Johnny Moss – He’s also one of the best poker players in the world. Many poker players who managed to play with him understand the skill and presence of Moss once he sat and started the game.
  5. Johnny Chan – He’s the most acclaimed poker player during the 1980’s to 1990’s because of his immortalized talent in the poker arena. For more than two decades he’s been playing poker and most of the time shows his aggressiveness.
  6. Barry Greenstein – He’s one of the best poker players dominating the tournaments and cash games. Despite of his old age, he can still manage to deal with the younger generations of poker players. As he’s respected by many in the poker community, he can dominate the table.
  7. Tom Dwan – Tom is an epitome of a smart and aggressive poker player. He’s the Stu UNgar of the modern day. His career started when he discovered online poker and eventually learns the large bankroll. Throughout his career he will surely gain millions of dollars as an aggressive poker player.
  8. Stu Ungar – Though Unga had passed away, but he was considered one of the best poker players. His reputation has made him remembered as an icon in the poker world.

There you have it- the best poker players known in history of poker. Sure thing, one of the first thing you’ll think is that they’ve just got all the luck. But it’s not only the mechanics of the game. Aside from their luck, they also made themselves adept to the nuts and bolts of poker, made their homework, studied the risks associated with every game and then come up with a strategy that suits the situation. These are just some of their secrets behind their success in poker.

Poker is really an interesting game, but it can also make or break your wallet or bank account. That’s why it’s important to know how to manage and deal with the bankroll. If you want to be one of the best poker players, then you should learn how those icons have made their way to success.

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