Bottoms Up


Bottoms-UpRob Heidger a volleyball player tells his life stories while he transits his life of volleyball player to becoming an expert shoreline from the April 1997 issue.

The time when I initially set out to handle the Miller Lite AVP Tour in 1993, life was so basic. It was basically made of three sections: The shoreline. The exercise center. What’s more, an eatery occupation to make a decent living.

I had to share my room with my sibling in a little condo, and my food consisted of pasta, pasta, and more pasta. I was very much concern about volleyball as to how I was going to do in the up and coming contest however in the event that I was notwithstanding going to get in.

Every Wednesday at mid-afternoon there was a small gathering of us down at State Beach close Santa Monica that would stay nearby the compensation telephone (the section due date) and call to audit whether we had enough indicates get in. Most often I didn’t sufficient things, I’d more often than not get some movements facilitating at the eatery to profit and wait another week to find out whether my luck would change.

During the time when I got into the contest, I just would have liked to win a diversion or two, party for some time, and make a beeline for rigging up for the next week. I never used to make an inn reservation on Saturday night since I wasn’t sure I’d be playing on Sunday. Sometimes when I made it to Sunday, there was dependably a frantic scramble to find some place to rest. I’ve considered a wide assortment of surfaces, including the shoreline, restroom floors, and a parlor seat alongside a pool in Florida.

Life went on and slowly over the next couple of years, things started to change. Since I started to earn more, I had to decide whether to continue or change my job. I did stop, and I wound up losing cash that year, so I was forced to work a great deal during the winter to pay down the obligation I had caused on my Visas. In the long run, I could bear to stay jobless during the winter also, and that was the time when I began to consider volleyball more as a full-time profession. I began supplanting cruiser riding and skiing with less risky interests, for example, films and fun games. To make sure I was getting the most out of my preparation, I enlisted a quality and molding mentor to put me on a year-round routine. I was additionally ready to manage the cost of a back rub specialist, and I had more than one ball to convey down to the shoreline. After that, in light of the fact that my shopping for food stretched out past one path of the store, I concentrated on food and diet plan for my body, so I counseled a nutritionist.

As life was going on, I was managing things, for example, medical coverage, charges and the way that I could no more fit all my common belonging in the storage compartment of my auto. I came to know that my folks were not happy with me and grumbled about duties constantly, yet I never gave importance to them. I would simply spend approximately an hour on April fourteenth of every year rounding out my minimal 1040EZ frame and drive it down to the mail station. Currently my assessments consist of a year-long collection of receipts and an unending quest for a definitive duty cover.

Well among all these complexities, there are the advantages to having a vocation as a top star shoreline volleyball player. I get paid to keep myself fit as a fiddle, my office is at the shoreline, and I don’t claim a suit. What’s more, I’ve been sufficiently blessed to play volleyball in wonderful places around the word, for example, the Caribbean, Spain and Italy. The general population I’ve gotten the chance to meet and the things I’ve seen have been completely unimaginable, and I’m very great full for that. What’s more, the open door just seems to improve. On the off chance that I truly required to, I could be gone on volleyball-related trips during our whole off-season, yet I’ve refused some awesome offers since I haven’t had enough energy or vitality.

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