World Rugby


World-Rugby                         World rugby is the governing body of rugby union the function of world rugby is to look over all the things which are required in rugby union and also it has all the rights to make changes. World rugby organizes world championship after every 4 years which is also known as World rugby championship and it is one of the biggest tournaments played in rugby. It doesn’t mean that they only organize a single international tournament no there are many types of tournaments which are played at an international level like World Rugby Sevens Series, the world under 20 championship and also the pacific nations cup. These are also some type of tournaments which are played at international level and they are also very famous and people also like to watch tournaments like this.

                        The headquarters’ of world rugby is situated in Dublin Ireland.  There 120 national members of whom 103 are a full member and the left 17 members are known to be associated members.  World rugby was founded as international rugby football board in 1886 by Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. But one more country joined it in 1890 which is England.  Many other countries like Australia, New Zeeland, and South Africa become its full member in 1949.  One more country joined it in 1978 which is France and like this keep on going and 80 countries joined it from 1987 to 1999.   The name International rugby name got renamed in 1998 and after this everywhere this governing body is known by World Rugby.

                        The summer Olympics which is going to be organized in 2016 rugby will also be part of that it was decided in 2016 that rugby will also be included in Olympics because it is also a game and the value which every game used to get this game has to also give the same amount of spirit and so that more people get to know about this game.  World rugby got membership in ASOIF in 2010.


                        Till 1885 rugby laws and everything was made by England because England is known to be the founder nation of this game so because every law which was followed until that time was being made by England.  But this doesn’t stay so longer because in a disputed try between Scotland and England in 1884, letter was exchanged in which it was claimed that laws were made by England and all because of this try should stand.  And also after all this Scotland refuses England to play in Home Nations Championship which was in the year of 1885.

                        Following the dispute the home union Scotland, Ireland and Wales decided to form a union in which they made standard laws for rugby.  These three nations met in Dublin in 1886 and all because of this the headquarters’ of World Rugby is in Dublin. But when they met there was no formal regulation or anything on which they were agreed upon. On 5 December 1887 these three countries unions met in Manchester and in this meeting they wrote up the first four principles of IRFB. But in this, meeting England didn’t take part they stated that they had more clubs than anyone else so they should have given the highest representation.  England also didn’t follow I R F B as the official governing body of Rugby.  And all because of this I R F B took a very strict action against England which was that none of the countries played the match between 1888 to 1889 against England and this action became like a huge mistake for England. Later in, England also joined it and all because they have more clubs so they were given six seats instead of two.

                        In last I just want to say that rugby is really a very cool game and the officials of this game are also very strict so nothing can happen in between the game.

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